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Uva Hondarribi Zuri

Hondarribi Zuri
También conocida como:

This variety of wine grape known as Hondarribi Zuri is original from El Pais Vasco, and belongs to the D.O. Txacolina. With it the wines known as Txacoli are elaborated, these are characteristic for their lightness and personality.
It is a white grape, that in order to achieve a higher quality, needs a considerable quantity of sun, to achieve a better ripening. Because the area where the Hondarribi Zuri is cultivated, (Navarra & País Vasco) is of little sun and lots of rain, it is usually found a place of good sun orientation, to favor in addition its drying, Normally the Hondarribi Zuri grape allows the fermentation in oak barrels, leaving very good flavours, characeristic for its lightness and acidity.
Most of the wine cellars that use the Hondarribi Zuri to elaborate their wines are located in the País Vasco and Navarra, predominating in the region of Guetaría.